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Over my 33 years as a journalist, my works includes thousands of stories, features, columns, blog posts, videos/photos I shot and edited and podcasts. My coverage specialties are technology, IT, consumer electronics, social media, engineering and business. Specific services include blogging, reporting, writing, editing, speaking,  twittering (follow me) blogging, columns, photos, light video, webcasts, white papers, editorial consulting and live and online-events related work.

Below is some of my most recent award winning coverage in Design News where I have been editor-in-chief  since November, 2006. Under my watch, we stressed coverage about the life and death aspects of engineering. That theme resonated with our readers who, as engineers,  appreciated how we recognized the importance of their profession. While you may be checking these out to evaluate my skills and experience, I truly you enjoy them as well. Links to the work are both embedded and exposed.


1) Here’s the Design News Boeing Landing Page.  Design News won four awards for this coverage. One of those was the 2008  IEEE Distinguished Literary Award which was awarded to me in February, 2009. The page includes several features exploring the plane’s new technology, ongoing news coverage of its development, photos, videos and blogs posts.

Q&A with 787 chief project engineer Tom Cogan, Part I

Part II of the Cogan Q&A examined organizational issues surrounding the 787

2) This is a package of stories about how Positive Train Control (PTC) would have averted the deadly Sept., 2008 LA Train Crash. The package includes five of  my stories,  white papers on PTC, videos and a photo gallery.

3) Here’s several features I wrote on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and the prospects for a hydrogen fueling infrastructure. I also shot video and took a Chevy Equinox fuel cell vehicle for a morning.

4) This feature including video and photos covers the re-powering of the Welland Canal, one of the most extensive sets of canal locks in the world. Situated in the St. Lawrence Seaway between Lakes Erie and Ontario, the locks were recently upgraded from 1932 era  mechanicals to fluid power. My extensive reporting on this big project overseen by Bosch Rexroth was done onsite during a day in November, 2007.


1) Green Engineering

2) Design Engineering at Large


1) Design News — The Dodge Report

Feds have Primed the Hydrogen Research Pump

People Before Property: A technology descision not made

TV Shows and Dinner Guests

A footprint that feels like a Kick in the Pants

Other regular columns (available on request)

2) Dodge’s E-conomy – Wall Street Journal (3 years)

3) TechEdge – Boston Globe (3 years)

4) The Dodge Report, Electronic Business

5) The Dodge Report, PC Week (16 years)

6) The Dodge Retort, Bio-IT World, Health-IT World

Photo Galleries

1) Dean Kamen’s House Rivals Best Industrial Museums

2) GM’s Chevy Equinox that runs on hydrogen


1) Click on automotive tab, scroll down to 2008 Detroit Auto show coverage videos which includes video interviews with Daimler  CEO Dr. Z and GM CEO Rick Wagoner.

2) Also, click on hydrogen tab. I shot and edited all these videos and edited many of them.


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