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Summary of Experience

I have answered the call of journalism for 33 years, most of the time covering technology, engineering and business. While I’ve run magazines and newsweeklies, reporting and writing always took up half my time.  I have plied my craft at the WSJ, Boston Globe, PC Week (now eWeek), EDN, Design News, Electronic Business, Bio-IT World, Health-IT World, the Lowell Sun, Haverhill Gazette and Newburyport Daily News. I would have like to have been around when Boston supported seven or more newspapers and while steam locomotives still pulled trains, but that era was nearly over by the time I raced into the world. That said, I have been blogging, web- and podcasting,  shooting and editing video, writing for web and other online contents tasks for years now.

Besides my family and a myriad hobbies, reporting and writing is why I get up in the morning.  I suspect, I’ll be doing that and blogging for years to come. FOLLOW ME on Twitter (search John Dodge), Friend me on Facebook and LinkedIn.


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