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The Dodge Retort (TDR) blog focuses on news and analysis about electronic devices that spill out of the netbook and mobile handset revolution. Coupled with wireless broadband connectivity, such devices will allow full Internet browsing and telephony in a small, lightweight and maximally mobile device.

We see the outlines of such devices in netbooks and mobile handsets, but what will the integration of these two powerful and pervasive platforms look like? What will convince customers? Has the Apple iPhone come the closest to perfection? Does netbook pioneer Asus right? Or is the eventual winner more like the Nokia N97 smart phone? Where do the carriers fit in?

Which product and service has the right genes to produce products and services that will enable consumers, educators, bureaucrats, the military, soccer moms and business professionals to carry a mobile device that will full Internet browsing and services. TDR will be there every step of the way as this revolution unfolds.

Who should read TDR? The temptation is to say everyone who has a netbook or cell phone, but that would be every other man, woman, child and dog on the planet. Our special focus will be these on these devices, affordable broadband and pervasive Internet telephony. If you’re interested in news, price comparisons, feature evaluations and technology trends, this blog is for you and my perspective is as a user of the technology with access to those who determine what it will look like and cost. I promise to be as technical as a journalist can make it which isn’t very. As always, your comments and observations and beefs are welcome (

As TDR’s founder and primary author, John Dodge (me) has used and covered digital technology for more 30 years for PC Week/eWeek, the Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe and many other web sites and publications. Follow me on twitter and if you’d like more details my experience and skills, please click on the links below.

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