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Twitter Lingo from Tweet Town

Posted by jdodge349 on March 29, 2009

Do you know what you’re doing if you Twoogle? Here’s Tweet Town’s definition:

“Twoogle – Twitter as the human Google. Pose a question, get near-instantaneous results. The Wall Tweet Journal.”

Tweettown has the best Twitter vocabulary list I’ve seen or certainly the most comprehensive. The good thing is you can make them up as you go.

Twaiting is twittering while waiting. Some are obvious like twibute (to praise someone on twitter). Others are more bizarre like  Twitterbate – To masturbate to another user’s tweets.” Could be a twitter rebate, too….or a twitter debate although that would be twitterdebate. Right?

Here’s one they can add: Twitchup…twitter with ketchup, which would mean that twitstard would be twitter with mustard. I can hearElmer Fudd now.


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