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Posted by jdodge349 on March 23, 2009

I just wrote an commentary on why I think Twitter is not a  flash in the pan and how companies are starting to embrace it. The piece was was hooked into an IDG News Service story that described’s efforts to deploy Twitter as a tool to help customers.

A lot of folks say they think Twitter is stupid and I guess you have to be something of a news hound to go around sharing thoughts and links a couple of dozen times a day. I love it. In fact, I love the ability to measure my own audience which is still comparatively small at 300 in Twitter. Same with Facebook where I have 740 friends.  Growing those numbers is a hoot and I mean with people I know or with whom I share a common interest. Of course, the larger the group, the more diverse its composition. If you have a Twitter following of 200k, it’s pretty hard to know everyone on a first-name basis.

While many journalists still get queasy around web metrics, I like them because they give you the ability to measure and expand your reach as well as to de-emphasize what isn’t garnering eyeballs.

Anyhow, check out my Twitter commentary on and follow me on Twitter.


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