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Chris Marvelous Adventure Moves to Stockholm, Lidice, Plzen and Terezin

Posted by jdodge349 on March 16, 2009

You might notice TDR has a new look and that’s for one reason. I had to add pages for son Chris’ fabulous travelogue from his semester in Europe. He is studying at Charles University in Prague and taking advantage of cheap fares to travel somewhere fascinating every weekend.

His travelogues were too long and rich to assign to a blog post and if I had, all my other posts would have been pushed off the page and into oblivion. So I added them as a page (sorry for the WordPress mumbo jumbo). Also, the page headings in the old look were too big and occupied too much space. The new look is more accomodating in that regard and has three instead of two columns. There’s other things I want to clean up on TDR so stay tuned. And let me know what you think.

In any event, I posted his wonderful ramble on his weekend in Stockholm and Uppsala as well his visits to Lidice where the Nazis committed revenge driven mass murder, Terezin known for its concentration camp and Plzen where Pilsner beer was invented. It’s vintage Chris again making you feel like you are traveling with him. The title of the page is  Stockholm, Lidice and Terezin. It includes direct links to a copious amount of photos he posted on Facebook.

His first post is equally entertaining and is called Prague to Budapest. With his permission, I will also post the tale of his profound discovery of his Hedja relatives in Bovejov, a town if 500 two and half hours from Prague.  The Hedja’s are on Ann Dooley’s mother side. Ann has been my better half for 26 years. It been wonderful to plot his travels via direct communication on Gmail chat and viewing for he provides updates on his Facebook account.


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