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Knowing when it’s Time to Throw Away Your Toothbrush

Posted by jdodge349 on March 4, 2009

tooth-brush-11The toothbrush head broke off right after the first row of bristles.

The toothbrush head broke off right after the first row of bristles.

I kid you not. This Oral-B toothbrush disintegrated in my mouth when I was vigorously brushing my teeth this morning in the shower. The oval head snapped off just after the first row of bristles (see photos). Now I know I’m a cheap Yankee in the finest tradition of getting my money’s worth out of something, but this is ridiculous. I have no idea when I bought the brush. In fact, I suspect it’s one the dentist gave me. Heh heh.

Anyhow, you’ll be relieved to know I was not hurt. Just a bit startled. I looked on Oral-B’s web site for when to detect signs of toothbrush wear, but couldn’t find much. I did locate some excellent videos on manual brushing which recommended replacing brushes every three months. THREE MONTHS?! Easy for Oral-B to say – they sell toothbrushes and not ones that last very long! I hang onto them for years.  And don’t let what happened to me this morning happen to you.


6 Responses to “Knowing when it’s Time to Throw Away Your Toothbrush”

  1. Sarah Freas said

    I believe the operative word is vigorously…

  2. jdodge349 said

    Oh…blame it on me!

  3. zencueist said

    I’ve had my toothbrush longer than I can remember. Also, I’m still using the razor blade that came with my motorized Gillette Fusion razor 11 months ago. No complaints from my Special Angel.

  4. Jonathan Oski said

    John – Time to give your wrist a rest and go with a Sonicare….

  5. Tina said

    OMG.. I go thru a toothbrush a month….. You have to change it every few months otherwise it gets all germy… BTW..I had a sonicare and it ripped my gums apart. So I am keeping the toothbrush companies in good business…

  6. Good piece.

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