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My new Gig Starts Now

Posted by jdodge349 on March 2, 2009

Starting this week, I return to fulltime work launching for tech publisher IDG.  The opportunity to aggregate the immense amount of content generated by IDG’s well-established brands and respected news sources is one that does not come along everyday. Just check out The IDG Network.

So I am fortunate and excited. I will be working with CXO Media and Computerworld Online VP and GM Martha Connors and Computerworld publisher, president and CEO Matt Sweeney.

Fear not. The Dodge Retort is not going away. Rather, TDR  (and Twitter) will  highlight content and other things I come across in my travels. launches at the end of this week and as I get my feet on the ground, I’ll have much more to say about it. As always, you can reach me here, Twitter or e-mail, And toward week’s end, you will be able to reach me at


11 Responses to “My new Gig Starts Now”

  1. Jeff Berman said

    Great news, John. I look forward to checking out Talk to you soon. -JB

  2. magnostic said

    that was a short freelance career, JD! Best of luck with the new gig.

  3. Tina said

    Good for you John! I hope you will still take some “smoking breaks” and play word twist.

  4. John,

    We hardly knew ye. I hope that gig works out well for you.
    See you in framingham!


  5. zencueist said

    Congrats, John! But keep this thing alive and growing, you’ll need it again some day. We are all free lances, always.

  6. Dick Roy said

    Congrats, John. (After all these years it seems so strange to leave the “nie” off of “John”!)

  7. Tam Harbert said

    Congrats, John. Hope you enjoyed your short break from full-time work!

  8. Debra said

    Nicely done! Let’s do lunch! So are you and Eric back together again??

  9. Mike Z said

    You move fast, sir! Congrats, John!

  10. Betsy K said

    Oh Goodie, He’d Ba-a-a-a-ck!

  11. Doug Chandler said

    John, that’s great news. Good luck in Framingham.

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